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CSI Sports Investing Systems

CSI are the first in this Big Industry to use many new investment strategies to invest on sports. We are not gamblers, we are investors. We use sports as investment just like people use the stock market.


All Sports Systems

Like the name says…..includes everything that we offer...PLUS MORE!

It includes all of the selections which are provided to our individual sports clients from every sport that we offer PLUS a few extra profit boosters which are available exclusively to our "All Sports" members.

The sports that we offer are: International Soccer, WTA/ATP Professional Tennis, NBA Men's Basketball, WNBA Women's Basketball, MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey .

What are the extras which are available only for "All Sports Investors"?

Signature Series selections: These are high impact, high win rate and high profit selections which are determined using a projection model formerly unavailable to capitalsportsinvesting clients.

We are very selective on which games meet this criteria, but when you win over 65% of the time at average odds of around +100, it does not take a lot of selections to hit good profits! ONLY "ALL SPORTS" subscribers receive all of the Signature Series selections.

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