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CSI Sports Investing Systems

CSI are the first in this Big Industry to use many new investment strategies to invest on sports. We are not gamblers, we are investors. We use sports as investment just like people use the stock market.


Baseball System

We will use Baseball Moneyline Underdogs and the over/under total game runs as our focus for the 2019 MLB season. Our MLB predictions for 2019 will include our selections from teams/games throughout Major League Baseball.

Expected win rate is appx. 60%. Our goal is up to +50 base units profit over the season from MLB Baseball using wagers with profitable odds. Games will have odds from both moneyline favorites and underdogs

Typically we expect there to be up to 2-3 MLB game predictions per day over the season including playoffs.

There have been over 13,000 games reviewed over 4 years to get to the current filter strategies that we will use for the 2019 season.

MLB selections will be 100% straight wagers/flat wagers. There are no progression style wagers or chase systems, and no crazy odds like -300. It is very simple and very profitable! An example of  MLB prediction from us would be as follows:

MLB May 28

Cincinnati to win
Odds: +140

MLB is available as a season subscription. It is also included in our "All Sports" package.

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