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CSI Testimonials

Every week CSI receives many testimonials about the nice results people experiences by investing on sports with our systems and services.  Please, let us know what you think!


“CSI is an absolutely must have for the investor with true discernment! No investment portfolio should be complete without this new concept that is a clear winner. Of the sports that are offered, they have produced a profit for their clients in each of our their first three seasons, Major league Baseball, Hockey, as well as both Pro and College Basketball. Truly first class all the way. Bravo CSI!  Bravo!”

Aaron Deardorff, Ph.d


And Read What DR R. Hernandez Has To Say...

"I have been subscribed to your service for approximately two months. I was getting tired of subscribing to other services that made ridiculous claims, only to find out they couldn't back up their claims. On more than one occasion I was told to expect 75-80% winners, only to find I was lucky to get 50% winners.

I have finally found a service that can back up its claims. I have been extremely pleased with your service. I subscribed to the basketball picks (NBA and NCAA) two months ago, and have won 65% of my bets since then. I have made over $2000 ( over the two months).

I have recommended your service to several of my friends. My only regret has been not finding your website sooner. Had I started using your service two years ago, when I started betting online, I can't imagine how much I would have made by now. Overall I think your service is, without a doubt, simply the best!

I have also been pleased with your excellent customer service. I have e-mailed James and Frank on a few occasions and have been pleasantly surprised. Not only did they respond to my e-mail, but they usually did so within an hour or two. They have been very helpful and I finally feel like I have found a website/service that truly cares about their customers."

R Fernandez M.D.


So far I am very impressed with the CSI service.

While not having access to every sports book to get as good of lines
as you are getting here is where I stand after 25 days.

I started out with $1000 (2 banks of $500 in different sports books).
I divided each bank in two so I started with 4 banks of $250.

One bank in each book was dedicated to betting 10% of available
bankroll and the other to betting a flat bet of $25 (10%).

After the Toronto win on May 26th I stand at 14-9 (a 60.9% winning
percentage). I have averaged a line of +116 (2.16 on the decimal line).

My banks are as follows
Sportsbook 1
$250 (betting 10% of bank) now sits at $442.54, a 77% ROI
$250 (betting flat $25) now sits at $346.58, a 38.6% ROI

Sportsbook 2
$270 (betting 10% of bank) now sits at $478.99, a 77.4% ROI
$250 (betting flat $25) now sits at $347.04, a 38.6% ROI

Overall a 58% ROI

So far I'm pretty pleased. Please give me a price for the rest of the
season and feel free to show this info to anyone who wants to know how
it's working in a real world environment."


"Frank and James:

I have to drop you a note of thanks for developing and making available this unbelievable system. I signed up on May 7, and am happy to say that this morning, May 20, I have netted a total of $748.44 on a bankroll of $1000. I split that bankroll into two $500 bankrolls, and bet a flat $50 per selection with one half, and then utilized your "snowball" system (betting 10% of total rolling bankroll) with the other half.

Now - a message to those out there with only one sportsbook: open more accounts! The odds that I'm getting aren't as good as the odds that Frank and James post, thus I could be doing even better! I now have three books to choose from and get better prices, thus I expect to do better as the season progresses.

Another message to newcomers: Be disciplined and follow the selections to the letter and you WILL be successful! Just stay with it.

Unbelievably in two weeks there has been only one selection that lost due to the pick only winning by one run. THESE GUYS KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!

Last, I have been making a nice side profit running your UNBEATABLE SYSTEM on the side with your lifetime daily pick. I started at only $10 per session, but have netted over $115 in profit in two weeks thus I am at $11 per session target now (those of you who don't know what I'm talking about need to get Frank's e-book). Again discipline is key as I am on target to double my $1000 starting bankroll in about two months time. At that point I can justify buying premium picks since my target will be $20 per session.

Thanks again guys - a job well done! I anticipate my biggest problem will be making withdrawals that exceed daily maximums from my various sportsbooks out there!"

Matt F


"Hi guys,

I took out a month subscription for your MLB selections only a week ago and have already covered the cost even though Im using small stakes for the time being.

I must admit I was a little sceptical that you could hit the suggested strike rate especially at the quoted odds but Im glad to say your proving me wrong

I was also prepared to carry any losses on stakes and winnings on for 3 bets in a bid to maximise my returns but haven't had to carry any bets over more than twice as yet.

Thanks very much for a great service Im really glad I came on board"

Kev from Cheshire in the UK

"Keep up the good work!!!

"Excellent performance, first-class picks and great confidence that the future holds a persistent winning rate.
Frank, you have been a rock in this Sports Betting World from Day One.
James, your involvement in csi opens a new perspective in this field.
Keep up the good work!"










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